Glass Curtains™ Benefits and Features

Our system is bottom weighted

Our system is bottom weighted, not top hung so it is quieter during operation.

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It runs on Teflon

Our system runs on teflon , so there are no moving parts that can break down or clog with dust and sand

10mm tempered glass

We use top quality 10mm tempered glass, not the inferior 6mm offered by other companies.

Looks great

Aesthetically, our system is hands down, the BEST on the market, with the smallest profile available anywhere, our system offers an elegance unmatched by anyone else.

Easy to clean & maintain

Through design, our system is the easiest to clean and maintain.

Available in many colours

Our system is available in and extensive range of colours, tailored to suit your needs.

Easy to Install

Our system is quick and easy to install which means minimum inconvenience to you.

Extremely Secure

Our system offers the greatest security, due in large part to our innovative locking system, unique to The Glass Curtains Company.


Increase the value of your home

You are essentially adding valuable living area metres to your property but without the restrictions of legislation and keeping whatever views you have.

Utilise your balcony/terrace all year round

With Glass Curtains™ you can enjoy your terrace, patio or balcony all year round, whatever the weather!
Bask in in the summer sun with them fully open, close them a little to avoid Spring and Autumn winds or close completely to shut out the noise of the outside world when entertaining friends in your new winter room.

No more wind, rain, dust or dirt - Cleaner living space!

Our design of Glass Curtains™ now allows you to control the weather on your terrace, so whatever the direction the wind blows, you can simply close the Glass Curtains™ from any angle.
Now you don't have to spend time cleaning your terrace, our Glass Curtains™ banish dirt and dust, leaving you with a more time to enjoy new room.

Noise reduction

Glass Curtains™ will reduce noise levels by at least 60% so you can fully appreciate the tranquility of your terrace and be free from neighbourhood noise.

Enjoy the warmth of winter sun

Glass Curtains™ provides individual glass panes that are available in all heights and widths governed by European law. Furthermore our profiles are available in all colours to match the colour of your property, and can be opened from the left or right without obstructing access.

Expand your living area

Enlarge your living area, use your inside furniture outside.

Easier to clean than normal terrace windows

For less than the cost of an extension and without the fuss, we can quickly and efficiently install your Glass Curtain™ to provide you with a completely new multifunctional room.
If you already have regular windows in place, you will find our system is much easier to clean.

Fits any shape of terrace

The Glass Curtains™ can be developed for most types of property with a terrace, balcony or patio of any shape and size. Small, big, round, rectangular, squared or special design. All you simple need is a ceiling.

Rapid installation

Unlike other installations that provide similar features, such as conservatories, we can install a Glass Curtains™ System usually within 1 month from order.

Minimal wear and tear

The weight of the glass panels is divided equally and supported along the bottom track, thus avoinding wear and tear on the components and guaranteeing excellent functionality and durability.