Glass Curtains™ F.A.Q

How does the Glass Curtains™ System Work?

The best way to learn this is to see it in action. Please check our Photos & Video page by clicking here.

How do I clean the outside of my Glass Curtains™?

We recommend you check "The Flying Door™ Video". Click here

Is there a limit on the size of an installation?

The maximum height is 3 metres. There is no maximum length because the system can be opened in various stages.

Does it change the outside facade of the building?

Not at all, we use small but strong profiles which can be color coordinated to match the color of your building.

Can you deliver the system in different colors?

Almost all colors are available.

Is it expensive?

No - having Glass Curtains™ is cheaper than double glazing of a similar quality. But you get more. Click here to view a demonstration.

How safe and secured is the system?

Our Glass Curtains™ system is secured by internal locks rendering the system intruder proof and easy to use, clean and maintain. We use 10mm tempered glass manufactured to DIN 1249, Aluminium profiles manufactured to EU standard 6063-t5 & Stainless steel components. Our system will withstand wind velocity of up to 200kph.

Do you give a guarantee with the system?

We give a 5 year guarantee.

Is there a lot of building work involved?

In most cases no, however a roof is necessary. In the event one is required we can happily provide you with a free quotation for the the following work.