The Glass Curtains™ Product Revolution

Glass Curtains International specialize in fully retractable enclosures for balconies, patios, façades, entrances, doorways and interior divisions. As of today, Glass Curtains has 3 different systems for this purpose, all designed and developed by Glass Curtains International.

The unique aspects of any Glass Curtain system, are the various opening possibilities it offers, the opportunity to incorporate different locking systems and the slimline look that is achieved through minimizing the visible aluminum. The desire for a fully retractable door in the middle of an enclosure, is something that no other manufacturer has been able to satisfy.

With the introduction of the brand new Flying Door™ opening system, designed and produced exclusively by Glass Curtains, we have addressed this market need. The technical aspects and functionality of this amazing innovation are used in the product line for all Glass Curtain systems.

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Benefits & Features of Glass Curtains
There are at least 10 benefits to owning a Glass Curtains system. The system features a secure, strong, safe & warrantied product that can be customized to suit your needs.
Frequently Asked Questions
We have listed the most common questions asked by customers that have purchased our system before.
Certifications & Standards
During the evolution of our product line, we have strived to achieve high standards. We are very proud to have been awarded various certifications
for our products. If you would like further details, please contact us.

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